Chop Shop's Mission is to serve as a trusted source for quality meats, raised and hand crafted with an unwavering dedication to the highest standards in quality, sustainability, & ethics. 

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 Riverview Farms practices

Full Circle Farming


The land supports their livestock &

their livestock support the land.

Bred, Born, & Raised on the Farm with Freedom to Roam the Pastures & Forests of their Home.

Chop Shop extends the Full Circle concept to your Butcher
Pine Street Market practices
Whole Animal Butchery
pine street market believes in minimizing waste.
there is more to an animal than fresh cuts of meat.
WE EMBRACE OLD-WORLD TECHNIQUES TO CREATE HAND CRAFTED MEATS THAT SHOWCASE the care & passion the farmers we work with put into their herds & flocks -
humanely raised animals yield better tasting meat.  

At every step along the way


are dedicated to sustainability, minimizing waste, and producing the highest quality, hand crafted meat.


Your farmer knows your butcher & 

your butcher knows your farmer.

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A central pillar of Chop Shop is to enrich our local food system by supporting sustainable local farms and local artisan food crafters. 

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