Serious meat lovers, this one is for you! The Whole Brisket is the pectoral muscle of the cow, which gets quite a workout in pasture-raised animals, making the cut quite tough, but extremely flavorful. Low and slow is the way to go. Brisket is perfect for slow-cooking methods like roasting or smoking to allow the collagen to gelatinize, resulting in a tender brisket. The fat cap is left attached to the brisket to help baste the meat during the prolonged cooking process.


Half Brisket, approx. 5-5.5 lbs.


Our Beef is sourced from local farms with a commitment to humane raising standards. Animals are free to roam the land and graze contently on open pastures, never in feedlots, and enjoy a nutritious, pure diet of grasses, legumes, and forbs with no corn or other grains.


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