Lane's Sauces

Lane's Sauces


Choose from:

One-Legged Chicken

A buffalo sauce with an explosion of smokey and spicy flavors perfect for wings and all things chicken.


Itsa Vinegar

A modern take on a classic southern favorite. All of the vinegar fans will be licking their chops for days after splashing this all over their BBQ!


Lil Spicy

Kinda Sweet’s fiesty little brother. The same tangy & sweet flavors you’ve enjoyed for years now combined with some attitude and spice.



A Carolina Mustard sauce - Lowcountry-inspired and delivers traditional Carolina flavor with extra attitude.


Sorta White

Fan favorite! This unique creation is great for beef and chicken but can also be used as a dressing.


Kinda Sweet 

Tastes just like it sounds. A perfect combination of tangy and a kiss of sweet makes this perfect for all kinds of meats.