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New York Strip Loin Roast

Heritage Boneless New York Strip Loin - a centerpiece that's sure to wow your guests! Impeccable flavor, beautiful marbling, and don't forget that decadent fat cap! Similar to the Prime Rib Roast, this cut is incredibly easy to prepare - spend more time with friends & family and let the oven do the work. Recipe Included.


Feel good about what you're serving! Our Beef is sourced from local farms with a commitment to humane raising standards. Animals are free to roam the land and graze contently on open pastures, never in feedlots, and enjoy a nutritious, pure diet of grasses, legumes, and forbs with no corn or other grains.


New York Strip Roast is raw, boneless, and approx. 4.5-5 lbs.

New York Strip Loin Roast

Pre-orders are available for in-store pick-up only starting Friday, December 22nd.