Oliver Farm Oils (8.4 oz.)

Oliver Farm Oils (8.4 oz.)


Choose from the following:


Sunflower Oil - A bold rich flavor and is a bright yellow color, it is a great oil to use for light sautéing and its bold flavor is great on salads.


Infused Sunflower Oil - Flavors of the rosemary, oregano, basil, parsley, red pepper, black pepper, garlic, and salt blend perfectly with the rich bold sunflower oil. This oil was born for dipping bread - it's also a great oil to sautee vegetables or easily enhance grilled or baked meats.


Pecan Oil - A high smoke point of 470 degrees makes it suitable to sear and use on the grill or and drizzle it over just about anything to add a little Southern swag to your favorite meals.


Benne Oil - Extracted from the seeds of landrace West African benne, it’s complex and nuanced flavor make it a perfect finishing or salad oil.


Green Peanut Oil - Simply high quality peanuts, oil removed, filtered, and bottled. A perfect finishing oil.