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Velvety & rosy cured meat mingled with buttery fat, a subtle layer of smoke, & a hint of juniper makes Pine Street Market Speck the ultimate cured meat. Our Speck is made from Riverview Farms ham, cured with juniper berry and black pepper, and cave-cured for 8 months. PSM Artisan Speck is the perfect centerpiece of your next charcuterie platter and pairs well with sharp cheeses, such as Asiago, Piave, and Pecorino Romano as well as Ricotta.


Try serving with flatbread, ricotta cheese, fig preserves, and topped with Pine Street Market Speck - drizzle with good quality extra virgin oil. It's also perfect for crisping to top a simple arugula salad, wrapping peaches or chicken before grilling, and as a meaty addition to an omelet or frittata.


Priced per 2 ounce pre-sliced pack.