Steak Cooking Tips

Worried about ruining that beautiful steak or just need a few instructions? Here are a few tips for how to cook the perfect steak.

Beer Braised Sausages

This recipe solves the two problems that haunt us when we cook sausages on the grill. When are they done and how do I keep them plump and warm.

Meat Reheating Instructions

Whether you're reheating a ham, turkey, or chicken ballotine, here are a few tried and true tips for reheating without overcooking.

Chicken Cooking Tips

A lot of people fear raw chicken, but common-sense food safety practices coupled with fresh, high quality chicken does not require a hazmat suit to prepare. First thing is first, start with high quality meat. Follow these tips to make delicious chicken!

Riverview Farms Polenta

We love Riverview Farm’s Polenta for its rich, buttery corn flavor and the way it pairs with just about any hearty braise. This recipe is for a velvety, smooth, spoonable polenta.

BBQ Spare Ribs

Here is an easy recipe to make some of the most flavorful spare ribs that your friends are sure to love! Pop open a beer and enjoy the day!

Brining Instructions

Brining is an easy way to season your meat from the inside out and ensure it remains hydrated. The meat science behind brining is hotly debated, but its utility is not; it will prevent cooking a bland, dry pork chop, and instead ensure it is tender and juicy.

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