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A central pillar of Chop Shop is to enrich our local food system by supporting sustainable local farms and local artisan food crafters. 

Georgia and the Southeast region have a proud agricultural tradition, and one of the greatest fruits born of that tradition is being home to a variety of small and moderately-sized family farms that contribute to our local communities, creating a more sustainable local food system, enriching our local economy, and serving as a trusted source of sustenance.


In addition to Riverview Farms, Chop Shop sources Humanely Raised Meat and Artisan Cheeses & Oils from Georgia and Southeast Regional Farms


Atlanta and the Southeast region are home to some of the best, nationally recognized food crafters out there! Staying true to our local philosophy, our Butcher Shop & Market will carry product lines from local food crafters.

We are always looking for high quality local foods to add to our product offerings. If you are a local food crafter who has something to share with us, please contact our General Manager.

Local CHeeses

Because of our well developed agricultural sector, Georgia and the Southeast are home to a thriving dairy scene, which translates to a plentiful assortment of hand crafted cheeses. It's not just goat cheese and mozzarella, Southeastern Cheese Makers boast a complex assortment of flavors and styles - from blues and goudas to cheddars and cotswolds.

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1366 Memorial Drive SE

Atlanta, Georgia


Monday-Friday 10AM-7PM

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Phone:  404.370.1818

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