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Chop Shop is a Butcher Shop & Market that was founded on the philosophies of Full Circle Sustainable Farming, Whole Animal Butchery, and a commitment to supporting our local food system and food crafters.

Chop Shop is a first-of-its-kind market, born out of a partnership between farmer and butcher... and our shared passion for reconnecting people with local, hand-crafted food. Here, you can learn about a cut of meat, the farm it came from, and how best to cook it at home. We believe that helping people reconnect with food is the best way of helping them reconnect with community. Ours is a community built around shared values - better treatment of animals, more sustainable farm practices, and less food waste. It doesn't just make the food taste better, it makes sharing it with friends and family more rewarding. Whether it's artisan meats, locally-crafted products, or prepared foods, you'll find that Chop Shop is where the best meals come together… and where the best people do, too. 

Rusty Bowers
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